Project Life Debut {Freebie Alert}

I have so much scrap-booking to catch up on.  Like seriously….my entire life.   I *want* to do it so badly yet I find every aspect of it so entirely time consuming and overwhelming that I find I don’t overly enjoy it at all..  So how do I keep my memories in a reasonable and (most importantly) fun manner?  Well…I think I’ve found it.  Project Life.  For those of you who don’t already know what I’m talking about, you can read more about Project Life {HERE}

I ordered a binder and several different pages several months ago.  I ended up kind of dead in the water as soon as they arrived.  *blush*  But now that Spring has sprung (almost) I’m feeling a renewed energy to start the project and finally get some memories in an album!!

Being me, I felt the need to make my own decorative “filler” cards. *wink* and I would love to share them with you.  I’ve been having fun playing with instagram, chalk-art, word art, and patterns.  If you’re already doing Project Life, I hope you can find some of these little designs useful for your own albums.  If you’re not…hopefully they can inspire you start!

FYI…I printed out my instagrams {HERE}.  They’re a terrific quality and turned out super cute! Check out my album pages that used the Freebie cards I’ve made to share with you! Click on the images to download and print out your own! {FYI, I printed the files out on both white and kraft card stock….you could print them out on what ever color card stock you like to match your pages and change their look!}

{Please do not redistribute them as your own.  For personal use only THANK YOU!}

34 thoughts on “Project Life Debut {Freebie Alert}

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  3. I love these tags but can’t get them to print. All I get is the tiny sample on the right – nothing prints in the middle of the page. Help?

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